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Why ZeroDay?

The ZeroDay Hacked Client is considered by many, the best and most overpowered client of all time. Our development and testing team prides itself on grand quality, and user-friendlyness.

Nefarious Intent | Developer

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Vape quality, undetectable, Ghost Client Features

What is ZeroDay?


Since the beginning, ZeroDay has been ahead of the curve at innovation. With every build, we bring a plethora of new features to the table, such as our Music Player, Setup Wizard, AutoSettings, and more. ZeroDay is predominantly cloud based, as it should be, meaning almost every client managed setting is at the latest bypass standard.


By utilizing the effect of Optifine and our clean code, we provide unbeatable lag reduction to give you the best FPS your machine is capable of.

Instant Whitelist

While we previously lacked in this field, we are proud to announce our new AutoWhitelist system, which offers a comprehensive dashboard giving you to ability to Whitelist yourself directly after purchasing, as well as download the latest version of ZeroDay, and use of our new Forum.

Ghost Client

ZeroDay not only has outstanding blatant feautres, but also sports a full Ghost Client that even satisfies the finest closet cheater.

Comprehensive Configuration

ZeroDay offers 69 commands, full client ClickGUI configuration, full TabGUI configuration, dynamic menus, and so much more, making us the most comprehensive and widely configurable client in many areas. ZeroDay also has a command based profile manager with a visual menu accessible from the main menu.

Built-in Music

We brainstormed what could make the hacking experience better, Music. Containing hundreds top songs from 6 different genres, all streamed from the cloud, the ideal state has been reached. All of which is accompanied with a fluid GUI to navigate your library.

Critic Reviews

Critic Reviews

Critic Reviews

  • Based in the Cloud
  • 24/7 Support through Crisp
  • Latest Version b8.5
  • Comprehensive Dashboard with Auto Whitelist
  • Free Updates
  • And Much More
/ lifetime

All Client Features

The ZeroDay Hacked Client may be considered one of the best and most overpowered clients of all time, our team prides itself on quality, and user-friendliness. Some features include:


• Infinite Hypixel Fly Bypass (Glide Mode Hypixel)

• 3 AntiBot Modes for Every Conceivable Need!

• Exemplary NCP & Hypixel LongJump

• Fully Functional Alt Manager

• AutoSettings Feed Latest Configuration from the Cloud

• Save Your Whole Client to Profiles

• Plugin Scraper Command (.plugins)

• Imgur Screenshot Upload (Optional)

• Most Undetectable Self Destruct in a NON-INJECTABLE Client

• User Friendly ClickGUI & SlideGUI

• Latest NCP & AAC Bypassing Hacks

• Infinite Mineplex Fly, Teleport, Cake Eater

• Friends System

• Quality Scaffold & InvCleaner

• Extremely Powerful KillAura (Arguably Best)

• Extremely Powerful ChestSteal: Fast, ChestAura option, NoGUI option

• Zero Assistant (Siri for Hacking)

• Sleek TabGUI with Themes and Settings (Available On ZeroDay Theme)

• Cutting Edge Bypasses for Hypixel, Mineplex, CubeCraft, and More!

• 119 Hacks | 70 Commands | 18 Exploits

• 10 Highly Configurable, Undetectable, Ghost Client Features And MUCH MUCH MORE